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Martial Arts Games

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Play Ant Ken-Do
Ant Ken-Do game free online

Ant Ken-Do Game

Awesome Ant Fighting Game! Japanese style ant samurai warriors fighting game. Try to force your opponent into the water.

played 6.478 times
Play Arnes De Mano
Arnes De Mano game free online

Arnes De Mano Game

Defeat all opponents and survive as long as you can. Arms de mano fighting game!

played 7.170 times
Play Bruce Lee Tower Of Death
Bruce Lee Tower Of Death game free online

Bruce Lee Tower Of Death Game HOT

Run through the temple as Bruce battle it out with deadly difficult opponents pull off jump kicks and other moves to get through. Take the role of Bruce Lee in this fighting game.

played 24.280 times
Play Capoeira Fighter 1
Capoeira Fighter 1 game free online

Capoeira Fighter 1 Game HOT

Awesome fighting game with lots of awesome moves! Play capoeira to the sound of the berimbau, run attacks, combos. in the fight game in Brazil. 2 player only fighting game with jump...

played 19.320 times
Play Dragon Fist 3 - Age of the Warrior
Dragon Fist 3 - Age of the Warrior game free online

Dragon Fist 3 - Age of the Warrior Game HOT

This is the 3rd of the Dragon Fist series based on the ancient craft of Chinese Martial Arts. If you liked Dragon Fist 1 and 2 you will love this one. Choose your warrior, and battle...

played 12.078 times
Play Jackie Chan - Super Fighter
Jackie Chan - Super Fighter game free online

Jackie Chan - Super Fighter Game

Play the super fighter tournament, defeat all the fighters and grab the super fighter title. Challenge the super fighters and defeat all of them surviving till the end to become the...

played 18.744 times
Play Jackie Chan Rely On Relics
Jackie Chan Rely On Relics game free online

Jackie Chan Rely On Relics Game HOT

Valmont has taken Jade, To force Jackie to hand over the talisman in his possession but Jackie is not the negoiating type and don't like people messing with his family. Guide Jackie...

played 14.846 times
Play Kung Fu Monkey Episode 1
Kung Fu Monkey Episode 1 game free online

Kung Fu Monkey Episode 1 Game

You're a kung fu monkey, time to lay the law down and kick some enemy butt. Punch and kick the guys. Where am I? Who am I?... What am I? I find myself here, wherever here is, and I...

played 6.219 times
Play Kung Fu Special Trainer
Kung Fu Special Trainer game free online

Kung Fu Special Trainer Game

Help this Kung Fu fighter destroy as many melons as possible.

played 5.943 times
Play Kung Fu Statesmen
Kung Fu Statesmen game free online

Kung Fu Statesmen Game

Kung Fu Labor are on a mission. Coming up to the election they need to bury the issues and find pages from their '97 manifesto to avoid any akwardquestions when the new one comes out...

played 8.616 times
Play Martial Tricks
Martial Tricks game free online

Martial Tricks Game HOT

From the shadows emerge the martial masters, always alert and ready to rumble. Push the arrows shown to complete the martial tricks and win the fight! Are you a kung-fu master? Test...

played 7.445 times
Play Muay Thai V3
Muay Thai V3 game free online

Muay Thai V3 Game HOT

B.E. (Buddhist Era) 1200, there was a realm ruled by some guy in Siam. The ruler had gone bad and people were suffering from him. With his strong army, he could rule the world. There...

played 18.223 times
Play Pencak Silat
Pencak Silat game free online

Pencak Silat Game HOT

Travel through the jungles and forests battling it out with fierece competitors. A 2-Player fighting game with story mode. Fight using the Malays Silay techniques.

played 8.296 times