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Olympics Games

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Play 2009 Flash Olympics
2009 Flash Olympics game free online

2009 Flash Olympics Game

Test your dexterity and your wits in one of 8 mini games.

played 10.451 times
Play Ball Olympics
Ball Olympics game free online

Ball Olympics Game

Click on the athlete to power up the fling. The longer hold the button pressed, the more power your athlete gets and the further the ball will fly. And be careful not hitting the ref...

played 3.559 times
Play Christmas Olympics
Christmas Olympics game free online

Christmas Olympics Game HOT

Loads of funny Christmas games you finish fast. Much like Four Second Fury. How f ast can you get trough them all?

played 7.603 times
Play Crash Test Olympics
Crash Test Olympics game free online

Crash Test Olympics Game HOT

Crash test your dummy as high as you can!

played 10.340 times
Play Discus Champion
Discus Champion game free online

Discus Champion Game

Become the ultimate discus champion! An addictive game of skill and timing, based on the famous athletic throwing event. Do you have what it take to break the current world record?

played 4.581 times
Play Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding
Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding game free online

Dodger's Olympic Snowboarding Game HOT

This is one of the best snowboarding simulations. In this game you are snowboarding downhill and can turn left and right. There are gates you need to pass through. If you miss gates...

played 8.663 times
Play Dolphin Cup
Dolphin Cup game free online

Dolphin Cup Game HOT

Jump out of the water as you do tricks and grab items that give you more height. Get high points.

played 14.655 times
Play Dolphin Olympics
Dolphin Olympics game free online

Dolphin Olympics Game HOT

Do tricks and stunts as a dolphin. Relaxing and fun. Do tricks to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes. Land your jumps cleanly, nose first, to yet a 'nice entry' bonus. Tak...

played 7.391 times
Play Dolphin Olympics 2
Dolphin Olympics 2 game free online

Dolphin Olympics 2 Game HOT

Help our hero do some wicked water stunts. You are a dolphin and you are swimming and making cool salto's in the water. Score as many points as possible in 2 minutes

played 7.561 times
Play Drop Dead Olympics Distance
Drop Dead Olympics Distance game free online

Drop Dead Olympics Distance Game

Can you Drop Dead world record style!? Blast your head as far as possible in the first Drop Dead: Olympics sports event.

played 8.532 times
Play Flash Olympics
Flash Olympics game free online

Flash Olympics Game

Create a character and play as him / her through several sports. thoose between running, shooting and weightlifting.

played 4.011 times
Play Necrathalon Ancient Sport Of Grave Diggers
Necrathalon Ancient Sport Of Grave Diggers game free online

Necrathalon Ancient Sport Of Grave... Game HOT

Compete in multiple Olympic type sports. Can you complete all the events? Events Like Grave Hurdles, Tombs Lift, Six Foot Dig and Skull put. Olympic challenges, for zombies.. be very...

played 4.611 times
Play Rats Vs Spears
Rats Vs Spears game free online

Rats Vs Spears Game HOT

ever seen rats run with spears? Click to run, click to aim, click to release. Get a score better than your friends.

played 2.940 times