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Play Flick N Kick free online now. Launch your player like a rubberband and into the goal. Dodge all your opponents and score as high a... Read more

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Flick N Kick Online Game

Flick N Kick Game Description

Launch your player like a rubberband and into the goal. Dodge all your opponents and score as high as you can. Rack up as many points as you can by dodging tackles, collecting pickups and scoring tries.

Flick N Kick Game Instructions

Drag the arrow to set the power and angle of your flick. Then let go to send your player hurtling down the pitch! Use your pace, power and precision to leave opposition players in your muddy wake -- if you're tackled, or go out of bounds, it's back to your own try line. Keep an eye out for powerups which last 2 turns, but be careful -- they're not all good for you!

If you score a try, add to your points total with a successful conversion -- just click the ball to kick it in the direction of the arrow.

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Flick N Kick Game
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Game name: Flick N Kick
Played: 5.407 times
Category: Sports games » Rugby & Football (American) games
Author: Rugby Society

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