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Skiing & Water Skiing Games

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Play Aggressive Alpine Skiing
Aggressive Alpine Skiing game free online

Aggressive Alpine Skiing Game HOT

Ski downhill collecting stars and avoid being shot by angry ski lift riders! Have fun in the snow skiing and collect all the stars while avoiding gunmens and houses. This is definite...

played 8.632 times
Play Antarctic Racer
Antarctic Racer game free online

Antarctic Racer Game HOT

Penguin slalom ski races start. The bear-trainer launches the penguin. Collect fish, evades firs and boxes, use springboard to enlarge your speed and move as fast as possible!

played 5.982 times
Play Aspen Ski
Aspen Ski game free online

Aspen Ski Game

Ski down the snowy-slopes of Aspen. Mind out for that tree!Move your mouse cursor to the right or the left to navigate your skier through the treacherous terrain.

played 4.350 times
Play Big Jump Challenge
Big Jump Challenge game free online

Big Jump Challenge Game

Do sweet and Phat jumps with maximum style and airtime! Do the biggest and best ski tricks you can. Grab as much air as you can, pull off tricks and land it!

played 8.185 times
Play Chairlift Challenge
Chairlift Challenge game free online

Chairlift Challenge Game HOT

Throw snowballs from your chairlift to knock skiers over. Get enough points to proceed to the next level.

played 8.828 times
Play Coolskin Jetski
Coolskin Jetski game free online

Coolskin Jetski Game

Drive the water motorbike, gain points and try to avoid all the objects in the water. Jet Ski your way to points.

played 7.286 times
Play Freezed Style
Freezed Style game free online

Freezed Style Game

Do some tricks, while sking downhill! That chirping won't help you. Skis - now they go fast. Timing is crucial. Aim for the jumps. Use the arrow keys to do tricks in the air. Learn a...

played 2.877 times
Play Jet Ski Pepsi Max
Jet Ski Pepsi Max game free online

Jet Ski Pepsi Max Game HOT

Ski and collect as many Pepsi buoys as possible for bonus points. Avoid all mines! Steer the wakeboarder with your left and right keys. Follow the jet when it flies under a bridge. U...

played 8.766 times
Play Panasonic Ski Run
Panasonic Ski Run game free online

Panasonic Ski Run Game HOT

Do your best and win the gold for you and your country. Ski through the gates as fast as you can.

played 3.688 times
Play Puppy Water Skiing
Puppy Water Skiing game free online

Puppy Water Skiing Game

Do the right tricks with your water ski to get photographed.

played 6.046 times
Play Santa's Ski Jump
Santa's Ski Jump game free online

Santa's Ski Jump Game

Time for Santa to make an amazing ski jump! Jump off the platform using Santa and get as many coins as you can. Collect enough Stars over 3 jumps to progress to the next round.

played 9.246 times
Play Ski Run
Ski Run game free online

Ski Run Game

Ski between the flags and accelerate your skier to the goal. Have fun skiing in the snow!

played 5.689 times
Play Ski Simulator
Ski Simulator game free online

Ski Simulator Game

A really Cool 3D downhill ski simulator. Do not hit the trees and do ski trough the gates. Very good.

played 7.858 times