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Soccer Games

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Play Rockin Soccer
Rockin Soccer game free online

Rockin Soccer Game

Pick up all the records for energy and then run into the end zone and shoot a goal to pass the level. Avoid the bombs and the defensive players.

played 2.226 times
Play Rotten Christmas Edition
Rotten Christmas Edition game free online

Rotten Christmas Edition Game HOT

Like you, he didn't get everything he wanted for Christmas and this year he's not taking it lying down. Help him take out his frustrations and see just how much destruction you both...

played 5.062 times
Play Scooby-Doo Kickin It
Scooby-Doo Kickin It game free online

Scooby-Doo Kickin It Game

Let's help Scooby knock balls! Bounce the ball as many times as Scooby Doo and keep the soccer ball from touching the ground.

played 7.396 times
Play Sexy Football
Sexy Football game free online

Sexy Football Game

Play a game of football in this awesome game. Would you be able to defeat your opponents? We'll see. A nice little soccer game with nice graphics and game play. Play as either the bo...

played 2.331 times
Play Shoot' Em In
Shoot' Em In game free online

Shoot' Em In Game

Choose your spot in the semi-circle and then click to shoot. You have 10 shots to get through 9 levels.

played 2.419 times
Play Side Kick 2007
Side Kick 2007 game free online

Side Kick 2007 Game

Play soccer (football) against the computer or a friend.

played 2.821 times
Play Soccer  Suburban Goalie
Soccer  Suburban Goalie game free online

Soccer Suburban Goalie Game HOT

A simple and fun soccer-action game! Enter the role as a suburban soccer goalie and save as many balls as possible! Who is the best suburban soccer goalie out there?

played 2.019 times
Play Soccer 2
Soccer 2 game free online

Soccer 2 Game

Pick a country and battle world of soccer. Move your team around the field grabbing the soccer ball away from your opponents. And Score goals!

played 2.424 times
Play Soccer Break Away
Soccer Break Away game free online

Soccer Break Away Game

Try to get past your opponent to score. Choose a right direction to kick the ball.

played 2.110 times
Play Soccer Pong
Soccer Pong game free online

Soccer Pong Game

Circular Pong with soccer theme. A pong spin off, try and score goals by directing the ball into the goal. Keep the ball moving - don't let it go 'out' or you'll lose a ball! You sta...

played 4.223 times
Play SoccoFobia 2
SoccoFobia 2 game free online

SoccoFobia 2 Game

Play like a soccer pro in this improved version of the soccer-meets-dodgeball game Soccofobia. Avoid the balls and collect the golden soccer players.

played 2.334 times
Play SoccoFobia 3.1
SoccoFobia 3.1 game free online

SoccoFobia 3.1 Game HOT

Fast paced cartoonish soccer-meets-dodgeball business. Run for the ball! Or actually: Run away from it Try to avoid the balls as long as you can.

played 3.256 times
Play Stan James Original Free Kick Challenge
Stan James Original Free Kick Challenge game free online

Stan James Original Free Kick Chall... Game HOT

Hark back to yester-year in this old school challenge. Now, you see, the idea of the game is to score as many free-kicks in a row as you can. The more you score, the harder the game...

played 2.802 times