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Track & Field Games

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Play 100m Run
100m Run game free online

100m Run Game

Run 100 meters as fast as you can by smashing your keyboard.

played 20.421 times
Play 110m Hurdles
110m Hurdles game free online

110m Hurdles Game

Run as fast as you can and jump high over the hurtles in this 100m dash. Race against the clock running on the track jumping over hurdles to get into the hall of fame. Run fastest an...

played 13.320 times
Play 400m Running
400m Running game free online

400m Running Game

Take the 400m Running in the lowest time. It is a race against the clock for the 400m event on the track to try getting yourself into the hall of fame.

played 52.890 times
Play Bugs Bunny & Cecil in Mad Dash
Bugs Bunny & Cecil in Mad Dash game free online

Bugs Bunny & Cecil in Mad Dash Game HOT

An epic battle between a rabbit and a turtle. Bugs Bunny has once again challenged Cecil Turtle to a race! Bugs thinks he is so fast he can beat Cecil and complete a hurdle course at...

played 20.131 times
Play Crazy Flasher X Running
Crazy Flasher X Running game free online

Crazy Flasher X Running Game HOT

Guide the runner through the levels. Free run in the sidescrolling levels as you stay alive moving from platform to platform.

played 6.606 times
Play Free Run
Free Run game free online

Free Run Game

This is a fantastic game based on the popular new sport of free running, or more popularly known as freerunning and parkour. React to key prompts and don't stop running! Faster your...

played 6.074 times
Play Grab A Snack Hurdles
Grab A Snack Hurdles game free online

Grab A Snack Hurdles Game

Disaster strikes! You've run out of snacks to accompany your WEGA viewing! Make a dash through the kitchen leaping to grab as many snacks as you can in the quickest possible time. Ru...

played 3.718 times
Play Hyper Sports Special
Hyper Sports Special game free online

Hyper Sports Special Game

A fun and simple running game with a retro look, Can you win the 100m Dash run.

played 18.659 times
Play Jumpin Joe
Jumpin Joe game free online

Jumpin Joe Game

How far can you jump with joe?

played 3.302 times
Play Kuzko Quest For Gold
Kuzko Quest For Gold game free online

Kuzko Quest For Gold Game HOT

In oder to get his face on the trophies, Kuzco has to beat the highstore in every event in the decatlon. Help Kuzco on his Trophy Quest in this fun Disney game! Complete events good...

played 10.645 times
Play Mario Vs Luigi
Mario Vs Luigi game free online

Mario Vs Luigi Game

Chase Luigi, jump over turtle shells, grab the shrooms to gain on him. Reach him for the next level. Gets harder every level!

played 14.308 times
Play Mini Jump
Mini Jump game free online

Mini Jump Game HOT

Run and jump into the MINI Convertible without hurting yourself too badly.

played 4.881 times
Play Moron Marathon
Moron Marathon game free online

Moron Marathon Game

Run as fast as you can till you get to the red tiles,and then stop on the red area or else you'll lose. The faster you press the keys, the faster your character will go. Enjoy!

played 5.519 times