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Army Games

Amazingly FUN!

Play Hold Them Back
Hold Them Back game free online

Hold Them Back Game HOT

Fight off the enemies as they storm the seaside. After years of battle you are the last that remains, the enemy is at your door. The battle has raged long and hard for years and at t...

played 5.742 times
Play Hostile Skies
Hostile Skies game free online

Hostile Skies Game

You are 'Billy Coppins' a fighter Ace in the French Armee de L'air. Your mission is to defeat Falkenhayn's attacking fighters and land safely at the allied air strip. You're a fig...

played 7.402 times
Play Lt. Fly vs The Spiders
Lt. Fly vs The Spiders game free online

Lt. Fly vs The Spiders Game HOT

Flies have taken abuse from spiders for long enough. Its time to take charge and stand up to your enemy. A puzzle game mixed with a shooter. Get bullets from the puzzle game to shoot...

played 5.526 times
Play Mercenaries 2 World Nearly in Flames
Mercenaries 2 World Nearly in Flames game free online

Mercenaries 2 World Nearly in Flames Game HOT

The badass action game Mercenaries 2 looks like a fast-paced version of Metal Slug. Choose or define the controls and start blasting those aggressive soldiers. Use whatever means nec...

played 4.324 times
Play Mud And Blood 2
Mud And Blood 2 game free online

Mud And Blood 2 Game HOT

Mud and Blood us a real time strategy game. Your goal is to prevent the Germans to punch trough your position. Your orders are to last as long as you can. Move your soldiers around,...

played 5.946 times
Play Operation Thunder
Operation Thunder game free online

Operation Thunder Game

Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison.

played 7.080 times
Play Patapon 2 The Art Of War
Patapon 2 The Art Of War game free online

Patapon 2 The Art Of War Game

Become a Warrior God by amassing a Patapon army to defeat their enemies. Your victory will be judged by the number of Patapon characters you collect as you progress through the game....

played 6.820 times
Play Patapon Beat Camp
Patapon Beat Camp game free online

Patapon Beat Camp Game HOT

Train and move your Patapon tribe through each level. Destroy obstacles, accumulate tribesmen and unlock rewards for yourself along the way. Hurry up, a Patapon festival celebration...

played 9.638 times
Play Phantom Sniper
Phantom Sniper game free online

Phantom Sniper Game HOT

Play as a renowned sniper who is going against the very group he was a part of, the Kenzu Army. You were a rogue soldier who joined the Kenzu army, a group of rebels, in hopes of the...

played 5.284 times
Play Sniper Master
Sniper Master game free online

Sniper Master Game HOT

Snipe an entire map as you zoom in and find the enemies and blast them away with your sniper rifle. It's the D-Day landings and you are a WWII Commando sniper that has parachuted int...

played 7.074 times
Play Stalingrad II The Fall Of Berlin
Stalingrad II The Fall Of Berlin game free online

Stalingrad II The Fall Of Berlin Game HOT

The powerful second part of the turret defense game 'Stalingrad' centres the fall of Berlin. Build factories, turrets and tanks to defeat crowds of Krauts.

played 7.256 times
Play StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008
StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Edition 2008 game free online

StarCraft Flash Action 5 Special Ed... Game HOT

New and Improved Starcraft Special Edition!Build up your base and keep the enemy from destroying all that you've built. How long can you last? In SCFA5 SE 2008 you play as the Zerg O...

played 5.972 times
Play Super Soldier
Super Soldier game free online

Super Soldier Game HOT

You're the Super Soldier. Fight for peace. Fun little war game, control the soldier to blast all other enemy units. Sidescrolling soldier game! Sweep back and forth controlling enemy...

played 7.037 times