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Commodo Strike game

Play Commodo Strike free online now. Your primary mission is to kill the evil sticks and advance to the next level. Your secondary mission is to protect the... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 9.191 times
Commodo Strike game info

How to play the SWF game:

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Commodo Strike Game
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Commodo Strike Online Game

Commodo Strike Game Description

Your primary mission is to kill the evil sticks and advance to the next level. Your secondary mission is to protect the flag, don't let the enemy take it.
You are a special soldier of a country that belongs to the U.N. Your mission is to protect the U.N bases all over the world from terrorist groups. These groups will send their commando troops to capture the flag from these bases. PAY ATTENTION! This flag is very important and is the only symbol that protects these bases from being bombed in an airstrike. Guard it with your life and don't let it fall into enemy hands. Also you are cut out from the U.N Ammo supply, so you will need take care of your ammo and your weapons. Make every shot count. Collect money and buy weapons from the arms dealer at the end of every battle.

Commodo Strike Game Instructions

W, A, S, D / Arrow Keys - Move.
Q / Spacebar - Mine.
E - CTRL - Grenade.
R - Shift - Reload.
1-4 - Change Weapons.
Mouse - Aim / Shoot.

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Commodo Strike Game Screenshot

Commodo Strike Game
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Game name: Commodo Strike
Played: 9.191 times
Category: War games » Army games
Author: Unknown

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