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Elite Forces Mission Jungle game

Play Elite Forces Mission Jungle free online now. Play as Thug or Kate in Elite Forces: Jungle Strike. Kill all of the bad guys and bosses in order to... Read more

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Played: 17.806 times
Elite Forces Mission Jungle game info

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Elite Forces Mission Jungle Online Game

Elite Forces Mission Jungle Game Description

Play as Thug or Kate in Elite Forces: Jungle Strike. Kill all of the bad guys and bosses in order to Escape the Jungle and get a High score. Watch out for mines, exploding barrels, and giant boulders. Collect all the guns and hidden things.

Sometime in the future. A small meteorite falls from the sky down deep into the jungle dephts. Nobody pays attention to the meteorite fall because of all the general confusion of interstate conflicts.

A few years later, military satellites discover strange activity in the jungle. Your government sends elite commandos to find out what Is going on and to try and clear up the situation. On the way there horrible things occur and only two people survive: a sportswoman who flied to Sochi for the Olympic Games and an elite commando.

Take a chance to control one of elite soldiers, lead them to victory and discover mystery of allied form. Go through the jungle shooting the enemies in this action packed game.

Elite Forces Mission Jungle Game Instructions

The main goal of the game is to kill as many bad guys as you can in order to get as many points as you can. You also get a Time Bonus for completing levels as fast as you can while still killing as many enemies as you can. Try and compete for a high score.

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Elite Forces Mission Jungle Game
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Game name: Elite Forces Mission Jungle
Played: 17.806 times
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