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Elite Forces Warfare game

Play Elite Forces Warfare free online now. War is not friendly trade. Your mission in this war game is to overwhelm enemy using towers, units a... Read more

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Played: 7.809 times
Elite Forces Warfare game info

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Elite Forces Warfare Online Game

Elite Forces Warfare Game Description

War is not friendly trade. Your mission in this war game is to overwhelm enemy using towers, units and hero. Build more troops, plant mines, and gun down everyone that opposes you. You have to wage war against enemy forces. Keep your base protected as you invade enemy territory in attempt to take over their base.

Elite Forces Warfare Game Instructions

Press to move the selected troops. Hold CONTROL and press to move and Attack.

Arrows/WASD to scroll map,
Hold SHIFT to speed up game,
Hold CONTROL while giving order to Attack on way,
M - Switch Sound on/off,
Q - Change Quality.
To save selection Hold SHIFT and press 1-9 Key to remember it. Press same Number to restore selection.

Coal Mine: Hold the Coal Mine to earn addition funds.
Barrack: Here you can train additional troops. Move near troops to get First Aid.
Stronghold: Here you can upgrade your troops. Mpve near troops to get new Equiptment.

Poison: damage over time
Slow: slow target for short time
A-Poison: bonus damage if target has poison
Ka-Boom: unit will explode upon death
Chain: damage will jump to next target
Fork: damage several targets within radius at once
MultiDmg: critical damage
Broken armor: armor will be decreased


To Select a group of your troops. Click on an empty map location and drag youi
selection box across more then one unit to select multiple units.

To claim the nearest Coal Mine, select a trooper then send him next to it. The plant automatically be conquered when your unit is close enough.

Now let's kill some enemies, select your units with the mouse or spacebar, and click near enemies.

To hire 2 Ranger. Click on the barrack, then select and Buy the Ranger Unit.

To win destroy the enemy Stronghold. Holding down the control key while clicking to tell troops to shoot every enemy along the way.

Elite Forces Warfare Screenshot

Elite Forces Warfare Game
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Game name: Elite Forces Warfare
Played: 7.809 times
Category: War games » Army games
Author: Author - Badim, Gamedesign - LastHand, Squall, wwwOzOk

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