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3000 AD game

Play 3000 AD free online now. By the third millenium, the human race has expanded beyond earth's solar system At the frontier of this expansion, clans... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 12.550 times
3000 AD game info

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3000 AD Online Game

3000 AD Game Description

By the third millenium, the human race has expanded beyond earth's solar system At the frontier of this expansion, clans and warlords wage war against each other for control of Outside the influence of ally law or government, battles are fought with the use of walking tanks known as Mechs. As a mercenary forme Disciples it is your mission to you elminate Warlord Sard and his forces on the planet XC-302.

Mech warriors, rejoice! A game with a retro style that features fantastic game-play. Command your mech as you destroy enemies and guard bases. Upgrade your mech from cooling to jammer.

3000 AD Game Instructions

Use WASD keys to move.
Left mouse click - Aim / Fire weapon
Shift - Vent exhaust
Space - Fire shoulder weapon

#1 Adding weapons to jour Mech, will add weight and will in torn reduce jour lop speed Upgrade jour engine at the Mech Store to remedy this.

#2 Using jour Mecb's weapons generates heat If jou are OYerheating, your weapons will not wort Dpgrade jour cooling at Ik Mech Store to reduce the effects of owrtieating.

#3 Vent exhaust bj pressing 'SHIFT'. Your mech's exhaust will act as a powerful close combat area effect weapon in addition to giving p a temporary speed boost Generales heat as a result.

Play the 3000 AD Game Free online at GamesLoon!

3000 AD Screenshot

3000 AD Game
War Online Game info
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Game name: 3000 AD
Played: 12.550 times
Category: War games » Battle games
Author: Aaron Geisler

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