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Castle Quest game

Play Castle Quest free online now. Three days have passed since the princess has gone missing. You tried to tell the king her disappear... Read more

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Played: 6.972 times
Castle Quest game info

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Castle Quest Online Game

Castle Quest Game Description

Three days have passed since the princess has gone missing. You tried to tell the king her disappearance must be linked to the evil creatures that have appeared around your village, but he didn't believe you. It is time to take matters into your own hands. You pick up your sword and shield and set off into the haunted forest...

Storm the haunted castle on your quest to free the Princess from her hourglass prison! Kill evil creatures as you venture through a haunted forest, creepy cave and dark dungeon to save the princess. Level up and gain new skills along your quest.
Slash and cast your way through seven visually stunning levels as you gain new skills and talents in this action-packed side scrolling RPG.

Castle Quest Game Instructions

Left/Right = Move Left/ Right
Up = Jump
Down = Block (after upgrade)
1-6 = Attack

C = Display character screen
M = Show map
S = sound on or off
P = Pause and unpause
Q = adjust graphics quality

You can spend your talent points in one or both of these two Talent Trees. Mouse over a talent to see its description.
Use your talent points to build new skills in the talent trees (C).

Talent Points can be spent under the Character Menu (C), and allow you to train new abilities or upgrade existing ones. You gain 1
Talent Point every level.

Level up at the Character Sheet (C) by spending your Talent Points on skills.

Your newly trained abilities are automatically placed on your hot bar. To change their order, click on the corresponding button.

Castle Quest Screenshot

Castle Quest Game
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Game name: Castle Quest
Played: 6.972 times
Category: War games » Castle games
Author: Axis Games

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