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Assisted Defense game

Play Assisted Defense free online now. The goal of this game is to defend your main gun. Everything may die, except your main gun! Shoot your cannon and kill... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Assisted Defense game info

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Assisted Defense Online Game

Assisted Defense Game Description

The goal of this game is to defend your main gun. Everything may die, except your main gun! Shoot your cannon and kill the enemies as you upgrade your turret. Upgrade your gun to make it easier to defeat the enemies!

Assisted Defense Game Instructions

Use your mouse to aim at the enemies which are coming to you.

You can pause the game by pressing "P or on the menu button.

You must use your mouse to shoot bullets towards enemies. When killing an enemy, you get money and experience. After killing each wave of enemies you're able to buy upgrades of your main gun. You can buy 6 different upgrades:
- Damage: Shoot a stronger bullet which causes more damage, buyable with money
- Shield: Adds 10 more shield, buyable with money
- Cannons: Adds 1 more cannon to shoot bullets from, buyable with money
- Reloading: Allows you to reload your cannon faster, buyable with money
- Extra Damage: The same as the first upgrade, but buyable with experience
- Bullet Speed: Change the speed of the bullet, buyable with experience

Each level a wave of enemies is approaching your main gun. You must destroy them by hitting them with bullets!

What sort of enemies are there around.
There are 7 different enemies, with all different health. When shooting bullets, they lose some health and they can also change colour. The color is to indicate how much health is left. The enemies health points are:
Green: 1-20 Hp.
Yellow: 21-40 Hp.
Orange: 40-60 Hp.
Red: 61-90.
Purple: 91-130.
Dark blue: 131-170, and some more which you have to discover!

Assist guns
You are able to build assists around your main gun. Assists are automated guns, with the new Y-Ubl013 technology, which shoot at enemies.

How to handle them
You can buy assists for $ 1000 after each level at the upgrade menu. Choose a place where you want to put your assist on. Click on buy and you'll see a pop-up screen where you can choose out of three assists: a red, blue or yellow one. Each assist has his own starting points spend on damage, range and reload speed, which you can upgrade when you have enough money. Assist work automatically. They aim at random targets and shoot them out of the game!

Play the Assisted Defense Game Free online at GamesLoon!

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Assisted Defense Game
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Game name: Assisted Defense
Played: 3.777 times
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