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Beetle Wars V1 game

Play Beetle Wars V1 free online now. You are a poor little green beetle fighting for fame and glory... and money, yes beetles need money. Money to learn new... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 5.265 times
Beetle Wars V1 game info

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Beetle Wars V1 Online Game

Beetle Wars V1 Game Description

You are a poor little green beetle fighting for fame and glory... and money, yes beetles need money. Money to learn new skills of course. Fight the bugs in Beetle Wars on multiple levels with a save feature. Upgrade your beetles abilities. Apparently you are a poor little green beetle fighting for the honor of your family who were by killed evil mercenary beetles... or was it just for the money? hmm, anyhow.

Beetle Wars V1 Game Instructions

To move your little green beetle use the arrow keys.

To use your little green beetle skills use the appropriate keys q.w.e.a.s, or d.

Visit the armory to purchase new skills. If your mouse hovers over the skill you will see a description detailing the energy cost, recharge time, and an explanation of how the skill works.

Once you have purchased a new skill drag the skill from the armory to your skillbar on the bottom of your screen.

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Beetle Wars V1 Screenshot

Beetle Wars V1 Game
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Game name: Beetle Wars V1
Played: 5.265 times
Category: War games » Defense games
Author: Outbreak Games

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