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Aliens The Board Game game

Play Aliens The Board Game free online now. The marines find themselves deep in the alien nest. Worse, they have been ordered to give up their armament due to their... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Aliens The Board Game game info

How to play the SWF game:

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Aliens The Board Game Game

Aliens The Board Game Online Game

Aliens The Board Game Game Description

The marines find themselves deep in the alien nest. Worse, they have been ordered to give up their armament due to their proximity to the reactors cooling systems. The sudden appearance and death of an alien causes the hive to awaken. Nowhere is safe from hidden danger. Ripley has driven the APC to rescue the survivors but will there be any survivors to rescue. This dark round based Alien fighting game is a very tactical one! Move your team and to command them to fire at those evil alien hordes. Try to command your troops and lead them to victory in a battle against the aliens. The game is turnbased and you will need to instruct all your man before you can end your turn.

Aliens The Board Game Game Instructions

Use Mouse to interact.
Each person has 1, 2 or 3 actions (moves).
You can choose to move or shoot.
If you shoot, it will take 1, 2, or 3 actions.
The more actions (moves) it takes, the higher the accuracy percentage chance of killing the Alien.
00 being a miss, and 99 being a sure kill.

Hint: Keep the people close together.

Your first job is to select your team order. Your second task is to place the team in the deployment area marked by a red box. The red arrow on the deployment screen will give you your objective. Once the team is placed the game begins. Gameplay alternates between the Aliens moving and the Marines moving. During the Aliens turn, current aliens will move toward the marines up to 4 squares per turn. At the end of the turn new aliens will drop in and move up to one square.

If an Alien reaches a marine, it will try and grab the victim. The marine might throw the Alien off, but more likely he might be WOUNDED, INCAPACITATED or DEAD. If a marine is grabbed, they have one round to try and free the victim, or he will be carried away by the Alien the next turn.

During the marines turn, each active marine will spend it's actions in the order you set earlier. Actions can be used to move or shoot. Red boxes will appear on any squares they may move to. Clicking on the marine itself will spend an action doing nothing.

Red targets will appear on Aliens that are within LOS and range of the marine. Clicking on the target will display a list of action prices and chance to hit the Alien. Select the box of actions you want to spend aiming. Clicking on the Alien target again will hide the action menu.

Selecting the red fist icon will try to throw the alien to a new square. If a marine is still in combat from a previous turn, this is all he can do until he is free from the alien. There is no risk to the marine for attempting to throw an alien but the chance of success is low.

When Aliens are killed, they spray acid blood in all nearby squares. It is very likely marines in these sqares will be injured by the spray, so use caution when choosing targets.

If a marine is INCAPACITATED, it can not move or shoot. But it may be carried to safety by another marine. Simply move to the same square as the INCAPACITATED marine. An icon will appear on the upper left corner for each INCAPACITATED marine at that locaion. Clicking on the icon will pick up the marine. A new icon will appear on the upper right to drop the marine if desired. It costs no actions to pick up or drop a marine and there is no penalty for carrying them.

Machine Gun.
The machine gun is an effective weapon against the Aliens. It has good stopping power and high rate of fire. Because of this, if an alien is killed, a nearby alien which is as easy or easier to kill will also be killed. A second set of buttons will appear on appropriate targerts.

Flame Unit
The flame unit is particularly usefull weapon as it neutralizes the aliens acid blood spray. Though it requires an unblocked LOS and has a short range. Also, it is impossible to rescue a marine grabbed by an Alien with the flame unit. If used on an Alien with a victim, both trargets will be killed.

The marines standard side arm pistol is a weak weapon against the Alien. Unfortunatly, sometimes it is their last resort. It has limited effective range and power.

Corpral Hicks carries a shotgun into the Alien nest. It is a fortunate decisition as it is effective at stopping the Aliens and has decent range.

Pulse Rifle
The pulse rifle is the standard armament for the colonial marines and is suitably effective against the alien. It does not have the same rate of fire of its machine gun cousin, but the grenade launcher attachment can come in handy if conditions are right.

Pulse Rifle Grenade Launcher
Used wisely, the grenade launcher can clear large swarms of aliens, though, it is generally more deadly to the marines. There is also a 30% chance the grenade will miss its target square and land in an adjacent one. Cation must be applied to the use of grenades.

The reactor stage is strait forward. Move the marines to the exit at the left of the map. Aliens can arrive almost anywhere on the map, so move quickly.

This stage works in different phases. First, the marines must hold back aliens while burk escapes down the corridor. Second, the marines have to cut open the lock on the door. Each combat marine carries a cutting torch, only Ripley Newt and Gorman do not. It takes 3 turns of cutting to open the lock. Third, a marine with a torch can seal the door closed once it is cut open. It will take the aliens 10 turns to break the door open.

Fourth, when Newt enters the lower room, she will eventually remember the air ducts and lead the marines into them. Fifth, the marines must move through the ducts to the exit. A number of question marks block their way. Newt has very good chance to find the way at each question mark, where other marines have only a 10% chance.

Newt can not move unless she starts her turn next to Ripley. If Ripley is not in an adjacent square, Newt is too scared to move that turn. If Ripley is INCAPACITATED or DEAD, Newt can be moved.

You have a maximum of 8 marines you can deploy on this stage. The game will start once you have selected your team of 8 (or less).

Newt is being held by the aliens in one of the rooms. Moving into a room will search its contents, but also it might cause aliens to investigate the room. Aliens may arrive up to 3 turns after a room is searched.

Early on Ripley had given Newt a small tracking device which now comes in handy. The tracker displays the distance in squares from Ripley to Newt.

Captured marines are trapped in a cocoon of alien goo. You can cut a marine free by moving adjacent to a cocoon and clicking the "cut free" button. It will end that marines turn.

During the escape from the reactor, the main heat exchange was ruptured. Now a reactor meltdown is imminent. Minor explosions are erupting all over the site. Shortly after Newt is freed an explosion will block the northern hallway passage. Also, there is a time limit of 50 turns to exit in the elevator before its too late to escape the unrequested fision surplus.

Also nested in one of the rooms is the alien queen. She has 2 alien guards with her. The queen and her guards will not engage if they are left alone. This means undisturbed by weapon fire and exiting the room ASAP. If a marine lingers in the queens nest room, she and her guards will attack.

The queen is a deadly opponent. Although she moves slower than her drones, when she attacks, she engages opponents all around her. Easily killing or incapacitatuing up to 4 marines a round. She is also so resilient that she might survive even a dozen blows that would kill a lesser alien.

Alien warriors returning from the assault on opperations may also drop in from the stairwells. The number of aliens arriving is dependent on the number of active marines. The more marines assaulting the nest, the more the aliens will drop in.

Finishing the Reactor or Operations will give you the option to continue the mission. Any marines incapacitated and recovered from the mission will recover to wounded status. Wounded marines will have recovered enough to be in active status.

Marines carried off by aliens or unrecovered incapacitated marines, may yet be saved during the assault on the aliens nest, just like Newt.

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Aliens The Board Game Game
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Game name: Aliens The Board Game
Played: 18.148 times
Category: War games » Strategy games
Author: Leading Edge Games

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