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Anacroz Tactics 2 game

Play Anacroz Tactics 2 free online now. OK, this game is in Portuguese, but I think anyone can figure out how to play it. What you more or l... Read more

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Anacroz Tactics 2 game info

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Anacroz Tactics 2 Online Game

Anacroz Tactics 2 Game Description

OK, this game is in Portuguese, but I think anyone can figure out how to play it. What you more or less have to do is: Buy troops for your army. Upgrade them with inventory items. Take to the field against the opposing army. Win the battle and recruit more troops and upgrade your army.Click on 'Campanha' to start a campaign game. Click on 'Batalha' for a quick battle game.

Anacroz Tactics 2 Game Instructions

Command your troops to battle, customize them, use arrow keys to move, space to attack.

During combat you can use general commands to control all units.
A to attack,
D to defend,
R to withdraw.

Here is a rough translation of the game.

Anacroz is a game of Tactics and of strategy in real time, there are turns between an action and another one. They are two troops who battle between themselves. Each one with a leader, generally stronger than the soldiers. The player controls a part of the troop while all the remaining troops are for defense. At the beginning of the battle control the leader. Click with the mouse to select and deselect. Wehn selected use the commands on the keyboard.

When selected, the soldier can move in all directions, north, south, east, west and in diagonals. For some types of units, have different attack modes.

During the battles, item like cure potions can be used to regain damage to the soldier.
To use Item, click in it in the panel below of the screen.
Weapons increase the attack of the soldier, and shields, armors, layers, etc.
In Campaign mode your troop receives value after each won battle.

Anacroz Tactics 2 Screenshot

Anacroz Tactics 2 Game
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Game name: Anacroz Tactics 2
Played: 6.062 times
Category: War games » Strategy games
Author: Unknown

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