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Armor Wars game

Play Armor Wars free online now. Armor Wars is a two-player battle game, like Castle Wars, Magic the Gathering or Mytheria. You use cards to cast creatur... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 14.727 times
Armor Wars game info

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Armor Wars Online Game

Armor Wars Game Description

Armor Wars is a two-player battle game, like Castle Wars, Magic the Gathering or Mytheria. You use cards to cast creatures and spell s, and try to destroy your opponent's castle. Strategy + cards + multiplayer = Armor Wars! The spiritual sequel to Arcomage,Castle Wars, build your decks and beat up your friends. As you play, unlock new cards and heroes in the Shop.

Armor Wars Game Instructions

Mouse controls everything.
Left click to play cards, select targets, and use menus.

You can have up to 7 cards at once. Some of them are creatures (like the Swordsman}, and other ones are spells.
you information is in the top left, You have a deck of cards, and a Hero. Each Hero you choose gives you
special powers.

Cards require resources. There are four types: Soldiers, Iron, Jewels, and Magic.
You get 5 more each turn at Level 1. If you increase a resource level, you get extra (5 more per level).

Each turn, you play cards, and then attack with your creatures. You win if your opponent reaches zero Life, or they run out of cards in their deck.

Creatures. Each player can have up to 3 at once. The icons on the creature card represent the creature's Damage and Life. In this case, the Hooded Rogue does 5 Damage, and has 10 Life.

During your turn, your creature can attack any other creature. if a creature does more damage than the defender has Life, the extra damage goes through to the Castle.

Dead creatures go to the Graveyard. (Hint: tThere are cards that can bring them back.) Also, some creatures have "upkeep", which means you must pay each turn to keep them alive.

You start with 3 default decks, but you should really build your own in the Deck Builder after you've played a few games.
As you play, you get points which can be spent in the Shop, to unlock more cards and heroes.

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Armor Wars Screenshot

Armor Wars Game
War Online Game info
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Game name: Armor Wars
Played: 14.727 times
Category: War games » Strategy games
Author: Diffusion Games

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