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Auxiliary game

Play Auxiliary free online now. Defend your base as you upgrade your rotating turret. Upgrade at the right times or you may die. Auxiliary Features a Ca... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 4.856 times
Auxiliary game info

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Auxiliary Online Game

Auxiliary Game Description

Defend your base as you upgrade your rotating turret. Upgrade at the right times or you may die. Auxiliary Features a Campaign containing forty levels, five Challenges, and four cinematics. Your goal is to survive the onslaught of fifteen enemy types utilizing four contrivances, each with their own weapon compatibilities. You salvage scrap parts by destroying enemies, which are used to upgrade your contrivances, projectiles, and bunker.

Auxiliary Game Instructions

W - Increase Speed.
S - Decrease Speed.
Spacebar - Fire Projectiles.
Mouse - Aim Projectiles.
1-4 Weapon Selection.

You control a contrivance that is designed to defend your bunker from the onslaught of approaching enemies. You can control the contrivances speed by using "W" to increase speed, and "S" to decrease speed, you can control four different contrivances, each with its own projectile compatability. There are four projectiles two pf which have a special ability, spacebar allows you to fire, you may select which projectile tp use while in combat from the toolbar, or using the keys 1 through 4. Each weapon type has an ammunition capacity, and must reload when empty, if you use all your ammo, it will autumatically reload. you may force it to reload by pressing "R". You may toggle the quality with "Q". and music with "M".

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Auxiliary Screenshot

Auxiliary Game
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Game name: Auxiliary
Played: 4.856 times
Category: War games » Strategy games
Author: Godly Gamer

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