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Brute Wars game

Play Brute Wars free online now. Assemble a team of animal warriors to battle to the top of Mt. Asio. Unique turn-based battle system. This is a cool str... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Brute Wars game info

Click here to play Brute Wars a Flash game.

Brute Wars Game

Brute Wars Online Game

Brute Wars Game Description

Assemble a team of animal warriors to battle to the top of Mt. Asio. Unique turn-based battle system. This is a cool strategy/puzzle hybrid with some RPG elements.

Brute Wars Game Instructions

Use mouse to play.

Well, basically, you've got to journey up to the top ot Mt. Asio. I imagine there is a lot of danger on the way, so you'll be assembling a team of six animals to help you.

With the help of yourteam, you must navigate the world map and find a way to reach the summit. Where's the summit, you ask? Sony. I can't tell you everything. Next, you'II be wanting to add me to yourteam, right? Anyway, keep your eye out for the CASTLES around the world. Battle their denizens to conquerthem. I'm sure that s important for some reason, but I'll let you figure that out.

Animal Info
Each animal has several stats that represent its strengths and weaknesses. When you move the mouse (mmm... getting hungry for some reason) over the animal's picture, its stats will be displayed a window on the right.

HP is HEALTH POINTS. Every attack against this animal will reduce this number. When it reaches 0, the animal is incapacitated — knocked out, so to speak. If all of your animals are knocked out, you lose the battle.

PW is POWER. This is how strong the animal is when he attacks. Remember that not every attack will be exactly this strong, so don't rely on it completely.

AC is ACTIONS. The animal can take this many actions each turn in combat. He can attack or move once for each point of AC he has. ...Or she has... orwhatever.

CT is COUNTER. When an enemy attacks this animal, he will deal back this much damage to the attacker automatically. My own counter is pretty terrifying because of my mighty mighty backhand.

LV is LEVEL. Wheneverthe animal survives a battle, his level will go up. As his level increases, he will slowly gain more stat points. But watch out — if he does not survive a combat, he will lose one level.

Oh, and I don't want to forget about the CLANS. Many animals have a CLAN association. You can tell by the circular icon at the bottom left of the animal's portrait. The clan determines what magic you can use in combat.

Attack types! Each animal has a set of arrows at the top of its portrait. These indicate what targets the animal can attack in combat. Move the mouse over the animal to see what targets will be hit.

Try moving your animals around to different positions to see where they function best. Sometimes moving them in the middle of combat is the best strategy.

For each combat you must defeat the enemy team in a limited number of turns. If you run out of turns, you will lose, so don't lose track. The remaining turns are displayed at the upper left of the screen.

During yourtum, you can click on any of your animals to make them attack their target, provided they have actions remaining. Sometimes, because of their position, they may not have a valid target. In this case, you must move them or just pass.

Moving the mouse over an animal will highlight its target or targets. Yellow highlights mean good strikes and red highlights mean weak strikes. Red is better than nothing, but try to maximize your yellows. Stronger is better.

When yourteam runs out of actions, oryou click the END TURN button, the enemy team will return your hospitality. You can't do anything during that time so just watch and bite your nails. Don't worry, if II all be over soon. Ha ha ha ha... sorry.

At the beginning of yourtum, your green magic meter will increase. When it fills, you will begin to get GEMS. These are required to cast magic spells. If you have any spells you can use immediately, the M1 button on the lower right will be flashing. Mouse over that button to see or cast your spells.

On the lower left of the screen is your wheel menu. This contains buttons to end yourtum, run away from battle, or swap your team's positions. When you swap two animals, remember that it will use an action for each. Use them wisely.

When you win a battle, you will earn points to spend on cool stuff. If you consider healing, reviving and upgrading your animals cool that is. If not... well, sorry, we' re all out of T-Shirts.

When you run away from battle, you lose a small number of points, but at least you can keep some of your animals from losing levels. At least that s what they tell me.

Many animals have a CLAN. You can tell by the circular icon to the lower left of their portraits. There are 5 clans, so pay attention to what they are and what they do.

First is BRUTE. BRUTE animals specialize in stat bonuses and raw power. They fight better in open spaces because they love a fair fight.

Next is FIRE. FIRE animals love hot places and their magic deals heat damage to enemies. They're extra effective against WATER enemies. They can get more CT when upgraded.

Since we've already mentioned them, lets move on to WATER. These guys are the cold-and-wet- weather kings. They deal cold damage to enemies with their magic and can even heal a bit. They're great against FIRE enemies and they tend towards higher HP.

Last up is MAGICAL. These legendary beasts have the powerto heal and revive. They're not always as strong, but their defensive magic is unrivaled. They are most at home in forests where they can hide easily, and other magical places.

The last one is SHADOW. You won't find any of these guys at the beginning of the game. They're lurking around Mt. Asio. They're really tough hombres packing state of the art firepower. And they* re immune to counter-attacks!!! Try to recruit them if you can.

When you store up some gems in combat, you'll be able to use magic to turn the tide. The amount, type, and power of magic depends on your team of animals.

For example, having at least one BRUTE animal in yourteam will give you access to BRUTE spells. But remember...

If you ONLY have one in yourteam, that magic type will be rather weak. If you want some BOOM in your boomstick, you should use several animals of the same CLAN.

Anyway, when you have enough gems to cast a spell, the 'M' tab at the lower right will flash. Move the mouse over it to open your spell list.

All spells that you have enough gems to cast will be lit up. Just click one to use it.

If you don't know what the spell does, just put the mouse over it and read the info box on the right.

And how do you get gems in the first place? Thats easy. Really. Its very simple. Intact, I bet even you could do it! At the beginning of yourtum, the green bar at the bottom of the combat screen will fill a little. When its full, you get your first gem! After that, you'll gain another one every turn.

Pretty cool, huh? That means that if you spend all your gems, you' II have to wait a little longer before you can use more magic. Keep that in mind.

You want to know how to get around in the world, huh? I don't blame you. Without that knowledge, you might as well give up now. Listen up!

Each screen is made up of NODES that you move between. This symbol represents YOU on the map.

Click on a connected NODE to move to it. What happens when you get to the NODE depends on what kind of NODE it is! This is important...

Sare battle nodes. When you move onto one of these, you will immediately enter combat. Most will contain random enemy teams, but not all of them.

After you win a battle in a red node, it turns into a BLUE NODE. Sometimes you can walk right through these without incident, but occasionally, you'll still get attacked. At least they are safer than red ones.

Green icons. These are SHOP NODES. Click on them when you arrive to enter the shop and buy stuff!

Treasure nodes. These are the real goodies! When you see a treasure chest like this one, go there to enter a special shop and buy a one-of-a-kind permanent upgrade for your team! SWEET!

Finally, we have TRAVEL NODES. Use these to move from the current map screen to another one.

In addition to these, you can also enter CAMP anytime on the world map. From here, you can re -arrange yourteam, randomize, revive or heal your animals, check magic and upgrades -- all kinds of stuff. Just use the CAMP button on the wheel menu or click on a blue node.

And here's another tidbit... Pay attention to the terrain where you enter combat! The terrain type will give bonuses to certain animals in that combat. You may have the advantage or disadvantage depending on your choices.

Never forget that when you randomize an animal, your magic list or power may be affected!

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Brute Wars Game Screenshot

Brute Wars Game
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Game name: Brute Wars
Played: 15.298 times
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