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Darkwar Strategy game

Play Darkwar Strategy free online now. In the dark ages, the beginning of life, earth consists only of one continent and ocean, and it was inhabited only by fi... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Darkwar Strategy game info

How to play the SWF game:

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Darkwar Strategy Game

Darkwar Strategy Online Game

Darkwar Strategy Game Description

In the dark ages, the beginning of life, earth consists only of one continent and ocean, and it was inhabited only by five creatures, i.e. human, witches, birdman, waterman and ogre. Human, characterised by his strength and weaknesses. Witches was able to perform magic and live hundreds of years. Birdman was able to fly. Waterman was able to live under water and Ogre was very strong and cruel.

The Humans lived within Lunar Kingdom, with their wise king, King Antonius, who ruled along with their brave commander, David Strong Hearth. The Witches race lived within Witchcover Kingdom, ruled by their gentle king, King White Hearth, with the help of his twin sons, Bertha and Berthi, and his commander, White Panther. Birdmen race lived within Eaglefire Kingdom, ruled by their petulent and fretful, King Bird Flyer and his commander, Brave Hawk. Watermen race lived in the Kingdom of Seafizh and ruled by their cold Queen Posidia and her commander Andara Pearly. And the Ogre race occupied Ogrezantium Kingdom, ruled by King Rock Devil the most ferocious and sinister, with his charming daughter, Devy Carla. All these kingdom submit under the rule of Lonthar Empire.

Before, the world was a safe place, every creature submits to the rule of Lonthar Empire, under Emperor Han Wuru Caesar, which is the world ruler, until one day King Ogre, King Rock Devil, from Ogrezantium Kingdom succeed to open the gate of Hell to the world and was able to revive all of Ogre troops whom are already dead or still in Hell. Then supported by thousands of Ogre troops who are invincible, King Rock Devil intended to conquer the world and to exterminate all races on earth, until left only one single Ogre creature, ready to submit as a slave.

The king of Witchcover Kingdom, King White Heart, has known in advance what will happen to the kingdom. Through his clairvoyance ability, he sees a cloud of darkness surrounding the earth and its life. The inhabitants of Witches who do not submit to King Ogre will be eradicated. Man, birdman, waterman who were rebellious will be eradicated. Some of them will be capture and farmed like catties to become the source of food for Ogre and its troops. And some of the capture will become slaves for hard labor, generation after generation. It become an eternal age of darkness after the inter racial war which is the called Dark War.... until someone appears... a very talented warrior who is destined to lead mankind, birdman, waterman and the witches. A mere mortal, but descendant of the greatest of Kings during the golden ages. A man with a golden heart, savior of the poor but as strong as a sword of God. Who fight against crime and witchcraft and steadfast to defend the rightful. Then through his magical powers, King White Heart sends his prophecy to the Kings in Eaglefire, Seafizh, and Lunar kingdom.

The king of birdman, King Bird Flyer, were horrified to hear this prophecy, and immediately summoned the guards who watch the border with Ogrezantium, and the ruler of waterman, Queen Posidia summoned all her water troops to stand guard at the coast line of Seafizh empire, and to resist all of Ogre troops which will penetrate the island. The king of Lunar, King Antonius is deeply concerned because Lunar is the largest of the kingdom and very near to Ogrezantium, which caused it to be very easy to attack by Ogre troops. While the troops of Lunar kingdom are currently concentrated in the center of the kingdom, far away in the south of Ogrezantium kingdom.

Mankind, birdman, waterman and the witches are potential for extinction. The world will be in total darkness, for ever and ever. Will you let this happen? It is the time to defend the survival of mankind and to eradicate evil so as to restore the world as a safe place to live.

Move your players around the board and attack the enemies as you get close enough. Mystery and full of fantasy. A game that tells a story about the wrath of hell demons, who desires world domination and the abolition of all human, birdmen, watermen and wizard race. Darkness will cloud the world forever.. unless all races unite to defeat and prevent it before it's too late.

This is a Turn-Based Strategy game, where each and every character does certain actions (ie move, attack, cast spells, use items, etc) by taking turns. Each round always starts with your turn and then continue with the enemies.

Darkwar Strategy Game Instructions

Welcome to the Dark War help menu. Contains explainations on how to play the game and will guide you with important informations about the game world.

The game system itself is tile-based, this means every character is placed in a tile. To eliminate your enemy, you must move your character to a certain tile in range of your attack. This goes as well for your enemy.

It is simple, just press anywhere to continue the dialog or press S to skip the story and dialog.

Set the game speed at Configurations Menu: slow, normal and fast speed.

When playing this game, press P to open the menu.

Click the button below to:

SHOP: Buy or sell items and spells.
TRAIN: Train for combat (train only for 1 time, each mission)
STATUS: View your troops status
SAVE: Save the progress of the game.
OPTIONS: Open the options menu.

You can set sound and music at Configurations Menu, open this menu by clicking the Options Button at main menu, map menu, or when playing game.

When playing the game, move the cursor to left, right, up or down borders to scroll the screen.

Each character shows 4 direction arrows which allows them to do several actions: "Move", "Attack", "Item", "Wait", and "Undo". To order an action, click on any arrow and follow the instructions.

Move: Travel to the targeted tile.
Attack: Strike your enemy with a certain spell.
Item: Release an item in possesion to give to a friend or use on your own.
Wait: Pass a turn.
Undo: Cancel a move made by your character.

You can check each of your character's status by double clicking a character or press status button at the map menu. Status consists of personality info, attributes, spells, items, characters race and element icons, and also status of effects the character holds. Effect status will be explained shortly.

Attributes shows the general ability of your character, consisting of: Level, Experience, Life, Aura, Attack, Defence, Range, Move, Accuracy and Speed.

LEVEL: The character's skill degree. Level increases Life, Aura, Attack and Defense.
EXP: Shows the character's current experience point and the experience point to reach for level up.
LIVE: How many lives a character posses. A life showing 0 equals death.
AURA: Shows the aura point of the character. Aura is used to cast spells. Each spell consumes aura, therefore no aura
means no spells.
ATTACK: Display the attack point of the character. Higher value means higher damage.
DEFENSE: Indicates defense point of the character. Higher value means lower accepted damage.
RANGE: Shows the range attack point of the character.
Higher value means able to attack enemy from a farther distance.
MOVE: Indicates the movement of your character. Higher value means farther travels.
ACCURACY: Shows the accuracy point of your character.
Higher value means better chance of damaging the enemy.
SPEED: Indicates the amount of tiles travelable by your character during movement.

Spell Ability is the ability your character may use to cast on an enemy. Each spell consumes a
certain amount of aura, if your character lacks the amount of aura a spell requires, then the
spell won't cast. Item is used by your character and may add support. Weapon is used to
commence an attack. We can modify each spell, item or weapon by using the Change button.

Elements take important role in this game. Each element counters an element. For example, if a character is an Earth element and its enemy a Water element then the damage would increase for the Earth element although both have identical attributes. This goes the same if the enemy is an Air element, then the damage would decrease for the Earth element although both have identical attributes. This rule applies to elements on spells, items or weapons wielded by the character.

WATER: Strong Against FIRE. Weak Against EARTH.
FIRE: Strong Against AIR. Weak Against WATER.
AIR: Strong Against EARTH. Weak Against FIRE.
EARTH: Strong Against WATER. Weak Against AIR.


Stunned character is immobile for 3 turns. Use Break item to cancel effect.

Poisoned character decreases life on each turn for 3 turns. Use Antidote item to cancel effect.

Uncontrolled character attacks allies for 3 turns. Use Aware item to cancel effect.

Will only allow character to move 1 tile per turn, for 3 turns. Use Fast item to cancel effect

Play the Darkwar Strategy Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Darkwar Strategy Game Screenshot

Darkwar Strategy Game
War Online Game info
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Game name: Darkwar Strategy
Played: 7.443 times
Category: War games » Strategy games
Author: Belugerin Games

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