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Survivor game

Play Survivor free online now. It's 2:06am, Gran's in the kitchen making her famous cottage pie and has managed to set the place on fire. you're the on... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 8.064 times
Survivor game info

Click here to play Survivor a Flash game.

Survivor Game

Survivor Online Game

Survivor Game Description

It's 2:06am, Gran's in the kitchen making her famous cottage pie and has managed to set the place on fire. you're the only one up, so you're got to make everyone up and get then somewhere safe. We coloured you yellow so you can tell where you are... We think it kinda suits him.

The white puppets are the McDougal family, they're a pretty average bunch, but they all have their own quirks which you'll have to be careful of.

Survivor Game Instructions

Z - Pick up an item or open a door.
S - Shout / Talk to people
C - Crawl to avoid breathing in smoke.
Up and down arrows - to move and climb stairs

Throughout the game you'll need to pick things up with the "Z" key.
Once in the inventory you can activate the objects using keys "1-4"

Here's a few hints:
In a fire try escaping through the front door. If it's locked look for another exit - perhaps a window. Close doors behind you to slow the spread of fire and smoke.

When you open a window while the door behind you is open the fire will rush in and burn the room faster!

Get everyone to a safe room as far away as possible from the fire. Close the door and shout for help from the window.

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Survivor Game Screenshot

Survivor Game
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Game name: Survivor
Played: 8.064 times
Category: War games » Survival games
Author: Don't Give Fire A Home

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