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Indestructo Tank 2 game

Play Indestructo Tank 2 free online now. A remake of the original Indestructo Tank game with improved graphics and physics. Play three different modes including... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 7.096 times
Indestructo Tank 2 game info

How to play the SWF game:

Since the browsers blocked the SWF files you can use an extention to play the games.
Ruffle - has extentions for Chrome and Firefox

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Indestructo Tank 2 Game
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Indestructo Tank 2 Online Game

Indestructo Tank 2 Game Description

A remake of the original Indestructo Tank game with improved graphics and physics. Play three different modes including classic, enhanced, and adventure. Jump through bombs over airplanes and fighter jets to destroy them. Destroy as many as possible without running out of fuel. Bounce by landing on enemy air crafts and driving into their bombs. Your tank is invincible, attack!

This game is the sequel to Indestructo Tank. There's a lot of new features: All new hand animated graphics, an Improved Physics engine, three distinct game modes including a story mode with levels, bosses and a fully voice acted cast of characters! Earn medals by achieving goals and use them to unlock secrets such as alternate tank graphics and much much more!

Indestructo Tank 2 Game Instructions

Move the Indestructo Tank with the Left and Right Arrow Keys, or with the A and 0 Keys.
You can also control it in the air!
Launch yourself at the enemy by using the force of the blasts.

When an enemy appears, get underneath it and it'll launch its missiles. Oh no!

Don't worry, they can't hurt you, but they do launch you Into the air. Sweet!

When you're airborne, try to hit as many enemies as you can before you hit the ground! C-C-C-C0MB0!

The more you hit, the more experience you earn, and the more experience you earn, the more enemies you can buy to attack you! Wait what!?

Don't worry, you're Indestructible, baby! More enemies only means bigger combos for you! Wait there's gotta be a catch, right?

Fraid so, son. Your fuel gauge is constantly falling. If it runs out before you reach the next experience checkpoint - you'll explode, and it's game over!

In adventure mode, your objective is to reach the end of the level before your fuel runs out Fuel can bi partially replenished by, you guessed it - Combos!

Those are the basics, and you'll surely pick the rest up as you play. Hope you have fun, and remember, we're trained professionals, please do not construct invincible tanks and take on an entire army by yourself, you could be seriously injured.

Play the Indestructo Tank 2 Game Free online at GamesLoon!

Indestructo Tank 2 Game Screenshot

Indestructo Tank 2 Game
War Online Game info
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Game name: Indestructo Tank 2
Played: 7.096 times
Category: War games » Tank games
Author: Armor Games

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