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Defend Tower Defence game

Play Defend Tower Defence free online now. A very basic tower defence game. But still fun to play. Place obstacles to defend your flag with your cannon and multipl... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 3.447 times
Defend Tower Defence game info

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Defend Tower Defence Online Game

Defend Tower Defence Game Description

A very basic tower defence game. But still fun to play. Place obstacles to defend your flag with your cannon and multiple other items.

Defend Tower Defence Game Instructions

The objective is simple: protect your flag.
Use your mouse to play the tower defense game.

There are only two ways to Base.
1) Let an enemy raider touch your flag, or
2) Let all your cannons be destroyed.

Purchase items by clicking on them and placing them on your land. Use the 'E and 'R! keys to rotate items before placing them. You can sell items for 75% of their value by removing them from the land and placing them on the purchase window. However, when selling items, click on an empty space on the purchase window and not another

There's a new item this round: Cannons. Cannons randomly shoot at any target on the screen. Watch out, because cannon balls don't discriminate at what they hit. Cannons will destroy anything in their path except other cannons. You may only own 10 cannons at a time.

There's a new item this round: Walls. Use walls to stop raiders from reaching your flag.

There's a new enemy this round: Transport Ships. Try to destroy the transport ship before it reaches land. Once it lands, it will release raiders who will attempt to capture your flag.

There's a new enemy this round: Runners. Runners are bent on one thing, capturing your flag. Purchase walls to stop to them in their tracks.

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Defend Tower Defence Game
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Game name: Defend Tower Defence
Played: 3.447 times
Category: War games » Tower defense games
Author: Unknown

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