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Flash Empires 3 game

Play Flash Empires 3 free online now. Design your army, build your towers, and defend your castle. Strategically create an army of soldiers, archers, and more... Read the game full description and instructions.

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Played: 3.084 times
Flash Empires 3 game info

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Flash Empires 3 Online Game

Flash Empires 3 Game Description

Design your army, build your towers, and defend your castle. Strategically create an army of soldiers, archers, and more to prove yourself as the strongest empire.

Flash Empires 3 Game Instructions

Drag and drop towers, and soldiers onto the screen to fight against the enemies coming from the top of the screen. Click towers to upgrade them.

Welcome to Flash Empires, if you have never played this game or perhaps you would like a. refresher on the basics then you should read this tutorial.

The basic theme is simple, you must protect your castle from the invading forces. They come up from the bottom of the screen then head to your castle and try to destroy it.

There are 3 different menus, the Tower menu, the Infantry menu, and the Upgrade menus. Access these by clicking on the castle, and the surrounding buildings.

if you open one of the unit building menus then you will see several buttons and a description under it. To create a unit simply click on the button in the menu and drag it onto the screen.

You can sell your towers by holding the "s" key on your keyboard then click on the tower. It will go away and you will recieve some of your money back.

The units will automatically choose a target and! attack it. Towers are also very useful because they can be used] like walls to block oncoming enemies. But like real towers, they can be destroyed.

The top panel displays the amount of enemies killed, the wave your on, a pause/play button, how much gold you have, what difficulty your on etc. Pretty self explanatory.

The Upgrade menu is very simple. Just click the upgrade you wish to buy. Some are one time buys, and others are ones that can be bought multiple times. Though some may be expensive, they are very useful.

Well, now that you have read this tutorial, it's time to play. Go ahead and set up your towers and infantry now. Then click the play button in the lower right hand side of the screen.

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Flash Empires 3 Screenshot

Flash Empires 3 Game
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Game name: Flash Empires 3
Played: 3.084 times
Category: War games » Tower defense games
Author: Hidden Ninja Games

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